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A Little Background

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

This isn’t the first home Reid has remodeled. This all really began about 4 years ago; I tagged along while Reid and his longtime friend (Uncle Bob from here on out) searched for a home to buy jointly, fix up and eventually sell. They settled on a neighborhood just outside the beltway called Kings Park. It was a split foyer home on a quiet cul-de-sac with blue toilets and a crack in the foundation, just the ‘Gem’ they’d been searching for. And it is where the three of us ended up calling home for the next few years.

Anyhoo, their plan was to remodel the original 1970’s bathrooms and kitchen, then tackle the crack in the foundation by knocking down the effected wall and add on to the house. With full time jobs, they worked on the house when time allowed, and tackled most projects just the two of them. Their incredibly generous parents (who I am so lucky to now call family) also spent many hours supporting the project with their time, labor, and dinners for the hungry crew.

Fast forward 3 years….somehow we managed to adopt a dog (remember, contruction), Reid and I get married, and the addition is close to being finished. Then it comes time to sell. Uncle Bob accepts a job in Hawaii (rough I know…). So they quickly wrap up the addition and begin the process of selling the house.

We find a buyer and they want to move in at the beginning of the year. What a blessing in this economy and real estate market. So we share a final farewell dinner with Uncle Bob, family and friends at the home they transformed over the last three years. We wish him well, tell him to find a place in Hawaii with guest rooms, and Reid and I finish out the year in the house. Which brings us to today (there are some gaps but you get the gist of itJ).

So needless to say the last four years have been one crazy ride. But I will alwasy look back on the fun times, and memroies made there. So now it is time for Reid and I to make some new memories as we embark on another remodel where will eventually call homeJ


Here goes nothing…

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Ta-da, A blog! Reid and I figured this would be the best way to document the progress on our new home, and anything else that hapens along the way. This is only if I don’t loose the password, which I’ve already managed to do once before writing out this first post…

 So, check back for semi regular updates, as we demo and rebuild!